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Years ago, a semiconductor distributor came to us to help design safety labels for the American Welding Society. They are a customer of ours and knew that Nutron was on the American National Standards Institute’s Z535 committee for safety design. The semiconductor distributor subsequently was on the safety committee for AWS. They wanted to build a polycarbonate safety identification nameplate line for welding equipment manufactures that would be universal in their field.

Nutron worked together to develop all the Danger, Warning, Caution and Notice polycarbonate safety identification nameplates that would be needed on the welding equipment. It was then up to Nutron to design the layouts, colors and messages needed to convey the correct information to welding operators and also to design the labels to meet the necessary environmental conditions that the label would be exposed to in the field (temperature, indoor/outdoor, chemical resistance, etc.). These labels would also need to meet UL and CSA standards.

With our knowledge from working on the ANSI safety committee, we were able to develop the images, messages and correct color format for the polycarbonate safety identification nameplates. Nutron then started its work with UL and CSA. We went through testing for all material construction, adhesives and inks to make sure everything that constructed the label met their standards and received a file to build the labels to match. This process took months, but in the end it enabled them to provide labels to the welding industry that met safety standards for messaging from ANSI and also performed to UL and CSA standards in the field.

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