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Specialty Fabrication

Many of our customers call upon us to supply fabricated materials that are components for assembly. There are no limits to the types of materials we can fabricate. By using stock metal dies, steel rule dies, plotter cutting or laser cutting equipment we can provide great options for short runs, special shapes or prototypes for virtually any purpose. A partial list of materials includes anodized aluminum, stainless steel, steel, polycarbonate, polyester, ABS, acrylic, fiberglass, chipboard, gasket materials, wood and wood laminates.

Custom Manufacturing

Nutron is a full-service manufacturer of product identification. Simply put, we fabricate and decorate metal and plastic. We typically work from blueprints you supply, but can also design and build items that can be more cost effective, innovative, functional or reliable. Have a difficult fabricating or decorating problem? Contact Us.

The following is a list of the materials, decoration processes and fabrication methods available:


.005 foil thru .090″ thick sheet in aluminum, brass, stainless steel, steel, copper, other specialty metals as desired. Sizes up to 12”x24”, 24”x48”, 48”x48” depending upon process.

etching, anodizing, screening, digital printing, laser marking, photosensitive, embossing, engraving, indenting

stamping, die cutting, machining, punching, drilling, forming, shearing, plotter cutting, profile cutting, class-A hard tooling, standard rule die soft tooling


.001 films thru .38” thick sheet in polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, acrylic, styrene, ABS, PETG, LDPE, HDPE, others as desired.   Sizes up to 12”x24”, 48”x48”, 4”x1000’ label depending on process.

screen printing, thermal imaging, digital printing, molding, indenting, laser marking , embossing, engraving, texturing, doming, roll label

die cutting, stamping, shearing, punching, plotter cutting, profile cutting, drilling, forming, molding, class-A hard tooling, srd soft tooling

Specialty Fabrication Image Gallery

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