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Metal nameplates and tags are available in a variety of materials to suit different purposes and provide the proper lifespan for a given application.

Harsh conditions in certain manufacturing situations or outdoor exposure can decrease the lifespan of certain metals or finishes. Conditions that can negatively impact nameplate longevity can include abrasion, corrosion, harsh chemicals and weather or temperature.

When faced with a combination of these conditions, anodized aluminum nameplates can provide superior performance, durability and longevity in industrial settings or outdoor applications.

The anodizing process creates a final product with a naturally protective finish that is both chemical and heat resistant and one that can withstand a fair level of abrasion, for long-wearing service under challenging conditions.

Anodized aluminum offers a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel. This metal choice also allows for etching and screen printing. The metal itself is available in different base colors such as natural, black, blue, yellow or red, multiplying available color combinations. Screen printing allows for almost unlimited inclusion of graphics, images, logos, instructions or safety warnings with inks specifically designed to adhere to anodized aluminum to lend long-lasting durability and legibility.

Another benefit – since anodized aluminum is lighter than stainless steel it offers the option of hanging nameplates with adhesives, depending on the panel size and application surface.

Common applications or settings can include:

  • Aeronautics
  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Control panels
  • Government or military
  • Manufacturing (including food processing)
  • Parks and recreational services
  • Product information
  • Safety ratings/warnings

Call Nutron Nameplate today to ask whether anodized aluminum is the best choice for your next nameplate, sign or tag. We can create pieces up to four by eight feet in size. Contact us for a quote or consultation: 888-737-5052.

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