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Plastic Equipment Overlays, tags, labels, decals

The variety and flexibility of plastic substrates offer unlimited options to identify functions and explain the operations of equipment and appliances.  Attractive plastic control overlays are easy to apply and guide users through set-up and functions of machine operations.  Tags, labels and decals identify specific information for ratings, points of adjustment, set-up or maintenance guides, electrical marking and numerous tagging or identification needs.

Gallery: Plastic Products for Equipment

Customer Testimonial

Sourcing Manager, Medical Equipment Manufacturer

“We launched a new project in 2017 and awarded Nutron with the label business. By placing this business with Nutron I slept easier knowing these were six less sku’s that we needed to concern ourselves with. Whether it be a need for a quote or an increase in demand, they respond within minutes letting you know that Nutron is on top of your request and provide answers in a timely fashion.”

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