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Polycarbonate, originally developed and produced by GE under the trade name of Lexan, is a favored material for use in many consumer, industrial and architectural applications. A few uses you see frequently include automotive lens covers, molded covers or housings for small appliances, eyeglasses and shields. It has the sought-after properties of flexibility, viewing clarity, toughness, scratch resistance and ease of fabrication.

As a converter and printer, when polycarbonate was made available in thin gauge sheet form, it was very quickly accepted and specified by our OEM and appliance manufacturing customers. The material is primarily printed in reverse (on the back side). This sub-surface or buried printing provides excellent wear resistance, unlimited color options, surface texture options and more.

Typical products include polycarbonate nameplates, control overlays, membrane overlays, graphic appliques and other decorative trim applications.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Polycarbonate face stock is available for your needs up to .020” thickness.
  • Finishes: Select from Gloss, Matte, Velvet (textured).
  • Attachment: Choose either permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or holes for mechanical attachment.
  • Colors: PMS and Standard stock colors are available.
  • Copy and Graphics: Nutron can accommodate any text, design or logo needs. We have a full-time graphic artist on staff to work with you on your nameplate.
  • Standard Sizes: We can work with any size up to 16” x 24”.
  • Shipment: You should plan on 15 working days from receipt of your order and after the artwork is approved. We can accommodate expedited shipment for an extra charge.

Polycarbonate Nameplates Gallery

Preferred By OEM Customers
Plastic Polycarbonate Nameplate
Plastic Overlay Nameplate Example
Preferred Because Of Viewing Clarity.
Known For Scratch Resistance.
Surface Texture Options.
Sub-surface Printing And More.
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