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UL Recognized vs. UL Certified Seal on Product Nameplates

Underwriters Laboratories was founded over 125 years ago for the purpose of safety. UL tests and certifies products for safety features most commonly found in the appliance, electrical, industrial and…

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Product Nameplate Planning: Choose the Right Adhesives

We recently had two different customers come to us with product nameplate applications that required some technical assistance in selecting the right adhesive for their projects. Each application had different…

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Polycarbonate Nameplates for Safety Identification: Case Study

Years ago, a semiconductor distributor came to us to help design safety labels for the American Welding Society. They are a customer of ours and knew that Nutron was on…

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Unique Product Nameplate Solution for RV Manufacturer

The Recreational Vehicle (RV) market is “exploding” as consumers look for safe, accessible ways to relax and enjoy the outdoors while practicing social distancing. Amidst the scramble to meet demand,…

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Metal Equipment Nameplates and Tags Help Messages Survive

Metal equipment nameplates or tags provide messages that are needed for corporate identification, product information or safety identification. Whether they be rating plates, ID plates, instructional placards, safety ID or…

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