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Custom metal equipment tags, nameplates, and labels serve multiple purposes on durable goods and equipment.

While companies can select from a variety of different materials, metal is the first and obvious choice for most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Four major factors that play a role in the decision-making process include:

  • Lifespan/Durability
  • Dimensional Tolerance
  • Structural Function
  • Intrinsic Value


One of the first factors to consider is the expected durable life of the equipment or product.  Capital equipment in particular usually offers the buyer a useful life of a decade or more.  By way of its heat resistance, abrasion resistance or UV and solvent resistance, metal can be the answer for permanency.  Some of the identification which could be installed on equipment are metal equipment tags, machine tags, machinery signs, control panels or ANSI safety signs.  If operational or communication information will be important 5, 10 or 20 years from now, metal provides the durability and the optimum lifespan.

Dimensional Tolerance

Unlike plastic, metal is a very stable material.  It does not shrink, expand, warp or crack over time.  Holding dimensional tolerance or marking tolerance on a part relies on the use of stable materials.  If a nameplate needs to retain a consistent size, shape, fit or dimensional accuracy, we recommend metal.  Some examples of its use would be for accurate resolution quality on scales, dials, rulers, calibrated markings or for special fit applications and control panels.

Structural Function

The rigidity of metal can supply an additional structural function that plastic or vinyl cannot.  A custom metal nameplate can also serve as a cover plate, end plate or switch plate that is part of a housing or enclosure.  In addition to providing rigid support for the assembly of controls and switches, metal control panels also provide indicator and function markings for operation.

Intrinsic Value

Finally, the choice of metal makes a statement about brand identity.  A metal tag or nameplate lends a product and by inference, the brand, implied product characteristics.  Metal logos and nameplates for equipment imply quality and durability.  Once your product or equipment is in the field, your name or logo stands to be the first and most lasting impression of your corporate image. 

Learn more about the process of selecting proper material, including our custom metal tag and nameplate capabilities. Or, give us a call at 888-737-5052. 

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