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Nutron can manufacture your nameplates, labels, tags and panels to meet Military Specification for the DOD and Aerospace industries. If your product needs to meet Mil-Std-130, it may require the application of a UID or Data Matrix code. These static or variable data UID tags are available in both metal and plastic. For a complete list of Mil Specs see our Standards/References section.

Consider the use of QR codes in the identification process. We recommend their use on data plates, safety plates, signs, placards and labels to provide opportunity for in-depth or follow up information on any static identification. Nutron can write a QR code and implant it on a nameplate, label, decal, tag or sign. QR Codes work by scanning the code using your smart phone or portable device, the user is then directed to a website, phone number, etc.

Potential QR Code Uses

There are unlimited potential uses for implanted QR codes, here are a few:

  • Text:  bring up text or copy, instructions, product info, safety info, etc.
  • Website URL:  direct link to a website or page on a website
  • Telephone Number: dial a telephone number
  • SMS Message: send a text message
  • Email Address: bring up an email address
  • Email Message: bring up a pre-addressed email message
  • Contact Details:  list of contact information, name, address, phone, fax, etc.
  • Events: display event info, calendar
  • Google Maps Location: bring up a google map of a specific location
  • PayPal: buy now link
  • Social Media: connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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