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We decorate and fabricate custom control panel overlays to meet the specific needs of machinery and equipment manufacturers. These durable overlays can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and are subsequently engineered to be resistant to temperature variance, certain chemical exposure, usage damage and UV rays.

Substrates such as polycarbonate, vinyl, polyester and other materials combine with engineered pressure sensitive adhesives for ease of application. These materials are primarily decorated by screen or digital printing.

Fabrication can include unlimited configurations for holes, slots and special shapes. Some of our customers will take advantage of our digital printing and digital fabricating capabilities for short runs or prototypes. Following testing and approval we can transition to screen and die-cutting methods for cost efficient production runs.

A few of the industries include: Instrumentation, Machine Controls, Testing Machinery, Medical Equipment, Food Processing Equipment and Packaging Machinery.

Where needed we can also supply metal back panels with matching overlays, assembled or unassembled.

Let us know about specific turnaround and production needs for your custom control panel overlays.

We’re flexible and able to accommodate customers’ requirements.

Request a Quote today or call 888-737-5052. Learn about all of our products, including plastic and metal nameplates.

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