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Companies use metal nameplates to properly identify machines.

In times past, before the age of the Internet, OEM’s used word of mouth and visualizations to advertise their products.
A taffy pull machine may have been operated in the window of a candy shop with the intent to advertise to passersby to come in and watch the product being made, and hopefully generate a sale. Candy shop competitors may have also come in and watched just how the machine was made and operated.

For that reason, machinery makers made sure their name would stand out by designing eye catching metal nameplates and custom equipment tags to identify their machine, making sure people (future customers) remembered their name and would associate it with the product they made. Product identification for durable goods, when done right, leaves a lasting impression and the perception of quality and durability.

Leave a lasting impression of quality and durability with custom equipment tags.

Think of a Singer sewing machine, a Coca-Cola vending machine, or a Kirby vacuum cleaner. Every one of those companies made sure their name was easily recognized and associated with a quality product by utilizing unique custom metal nameplates and equipment tags to identify their machinery. These companies accomplished this by incorporating nameplates made from durable brass, polished stainless, or aluminum which assured their name or logo would prominently stand out amongst the competition and project the image they desired while being durable enough to last for the lifetime of the machine.

In today’s digital age, most of the machinery identification you see now is an inexpensive printed decal, which looks just like…an inexpensive printed decal. Not the kind of image you want to convey to a prospective customer. This may work for a throwaway item like a cheap coffee maker or flat screen TV where the consumer’s perception of value is not derived from the makers’ equipment tag, but more its price.

Businesses take advantage of product identification for durable goods.

Durable goods like cars, trailers, machinery, or even washing machines benefit immensely from using a metal nameplate or custom equipment tag vs. a cheap stick-on decal. Remember this the next time your designing product identification for your machine or device. Look around…what message would you rather convey? Long lasting and durable or cheap & throwaway?

Our team of experts can help you determine what material is best for your needs and design a metal nameplate or custom equipment tag that will help you stand out from the competition.

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