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Underwriters Laboratories was founded over 125 years ago for the purpose of safety. UL tests and certifies products for safety features most commonly found in the appliance, electrical, industrial and construction industries. Having a UL Certified seal on your product informs consumers that your product has been built to comply to the highest of safety standards and has been tested to meet those standards.

Custom nameplates feature a UL Certified seal on products in appliance, electrical, industrial, construction and other industries.

As an Authorized UL Certified Supplier in the nameplate industry, we field a lot of questions on what is the difference between UL Recognized and UL Certified. Let’s dive into what each one means and how that could affect your decision on your parts and UL moving forward.

UL Recognized

We build a lot of parts for customers that are UL Recognized. The construction of materials chosen to build these nameplates all meet UL standards. Materials to consider are the base substrate, adhesive and inks. Substrates would include the type of plastic or metal chosen to build the nameplate.

When selecting the adhesive for your part, we suggest to first find an adhesive class that will allow the nameplate to perform based on its end environment. Then using that class find an adhesive that will meet the UL standards. Finally, most customers don’t consider inks when meeting UL recognized standards but they also must comply.

UL Certified

A nameplate that is UL Certified must meet all the standards of UL Recognized and then be certified by UL as complying. As a Certified UL Supplier, we have to submit the artwork and prints for approval to UL and then keep those records on file for quarterly in-plant audits.  

The end customer would also have to allow UL to inspect how the part is used in production and allow for inspection of serial number matching if needed. UL Certification is a higher class of recognition and allows the plate to carry the UL stamp on the product.

If you are building a product that needs to be UL Recognized or UL Certified and have questions, please feel free to reach out to us. As a UL Certified Supplier, we are happy to help you and will make sure your part meets all the standards required.

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