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Nutron is a member of the ANSI-Z535 Committee on Safety Signs and Colors. The Committee is an accredited standards developer of the American National Standards Institute. Subcommittees of the Z535 group update these standards and write new standards. Currently there are 6 available. The standards are considered “state of the art” guidelines and a benchmark for the development of safety and accident prevention messaging in the United States.

As revisions to the standards are finalized, they are made available to the public. The standards include information about: safety colors, graphic formats, word message development, and designing safety symbols. The newest standard provides guidelines on how to include safety information in product manuals, instructions, and other collateral materials. (see list below).

On behalf of our customers and trade associations, we provide input to the Z535 committee relative to the needs and applications they have for hazard notification.  As a producer member, we also provide information to the members about the materials and methods used to make product safety or environmental safety signage and identification.

We highly recommend the use of these standards when designing safety and hazard communications.

The ANSI standards are frequently used as a framework for safety messaging in OHSA regulations, equipment manufacturing industries, and in environmental messaging.


ANSI-Z535.1 Safety Colors
ANSI-Z535.2 Environmental and Facility Safety Signs “
ANSI-Z535.3 Criteria for Safety Symbols
ANSI-Z535.4 Product Safety Signs and Labels
ANSI-Z535.5 Safety Tags and Barricade Tapes
ANSI-Z535.6 Product Safety Information in Product Manuals, Instructions, Collateral Materials

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