“agencies, associations & memberships”

ANSI American National Standards Association.
Member: Z535 Safety Signs & Colors Committee, 2001 to present.   ANSI Z535.1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .6

UL Underwriters Laboratories.
Certified Supplier   
PGAA.LP3284 Authorized Label Suppliers Program
PGDQ2.MH25566 Marking & Labeling System
PGGU2 Marking & Labeling System Materials
PGIS2 Marking & Labeling Systems
PGJI2 Printing Materials

ISO 9002 Quality Compliance System

U.S. Military Standards 
Registered with DOD & Aerospace
Cage code: 30236, DUNS:004161022
Mil-STD-130, Mil-P-15024, Mil-P-514D, Mil-STD-454C, GG-P-455B, QQ-A-250/1, Mil-A-148C, Mil-P-19834B,
Mil-P-80B, Mil-P-5425D, Mil-D-8635B, Mil-M-43719B, Mil-F-8799A, Mil-P-38477A

CSA Canadian Standards Association
Recognized Components

FMA Fabricators Manufacturers Association
Corporate Member, 2000 to present, Safety Council Member

SPI Society for Plastics Industry
Safety Council Member

NADCA National Association of Die Casters of America
Safety Council Member

SGIA Specialty Graphic Imaging Assoc.
Member 1979 to present

GPI Graphic Products and Identification Manufacturers
Member 1975 to present